MoneyTigo Online Credit Card Payment Solution and Gateway

MoneyTigo, the leading online payment solution provider for CBD as well as seed businesses since 2018!

For more than 2 years now, MoneyTigo has accepted the CBD industry, but not without risks, as this business in Europe has been subject to a long period of legal fog.

Today it is true that the situation is much clearer but unfortunately the sale of cbd seeds, cbd flowers or any other derivative remains very complex in the European Union.

MoneyTigo has always supported this industry and has always been committed to protecting it, including conducting countless legal investigations when necessary to avoid any disruption of service.

We are not afraid to say it, we master this sector with all its legal complexity.

MoneyTigo is one of the leading online payment solutions for the sale of cbd, seeds and derivatives.

We count among our clients the biggest European players such as ALCHIMIAWEB or SEEDSMANS and many others.

Are you looking for a reliable payment solution? Solid, efficient and above all, in total coherence with your activity? Then don’t hesitate to open your online payment account.

Among the activities concerning the cannabis derivative (cbd, cannabidiole) we accept all the activities related to it as :

  • Sale of cbd oil
  • The sale of cbd flowers
  • The sale of cannabis seeds
  • The sale of e-liquid
  • The sale of food containing cbd
  • as well as all other existing derivative products

The only thing that will be asked of you, and you can imagine this, is to respect European legislation and nothing but European legislation, as you know and as we know, only European law can restrict your activity. A national law can consider a relaxation but can never restrict a European text in a more important way.

A message issued by the legal and compliance department of MoneyTigo.